Products made in Germany

but at home all over the world

Our products are 100% assembled in Winterbach, Swabia, by highly qualified employees. We attach great importance to the quality, durability and environmental friendliness of our products. In order to achieve this maxim, we set the requirements very high both in the selection of materials and in the selection of our suppliers, because only in this way can we ensure that our customers receive the best products.

So that you can work without worries

we take care of the details

We are aware of the great responsibility we have towards our customers. That is why the term quality stands not only for flawless products, but also for smooth business processes. It is very important to us to control, check and improve all processes in order to achieve the best possible result for us and our customers.

We support you comprehensively

For all questions about our devices

For us, the customer is the center of attention, whether it is advice before the purchase, questions during application or service. We want our customers to be served holistically. In order to be able to answer your questions in the best possible way, our employees receive regular cross-departmental training. We have a team available to answer your questions!

The tangible quality,their high load capacity and precise function
of Harnisch+Rieth equipment accompany my work in the laboratory very positively every day.

I have been working with Harnisch+Rieth equipment for over 30 years and I am thrilled!
Why? Because the best is always just good enough for me.
With quality for quality and beauty in the mouth.